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IoT & other technology partnership

BiiSafe IoT solutions

Rapid testing and deployment

Scalable, flexible and easy to integrate


Software Development Kit -library for iOS and sample apps for both iOS and Android.


BLE -devices provide multi-functional features: eg. motion, button, LED, sound and temp


With our Demo-kit you can deploy and test your first IoT-solution in hours.

Optima Group

Property management ICT-services

Optima group provides wide variety of property management services from janitor services up to full scale ERP-systems. Optima is using BiiSafe IoT-solutions for monitoring ie. ambient environment of facilities like temperature, air pressure, moisture levels, and air quality. 

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De-centralized IoT-connectivity

Wirepas Mesh enables wireless IoT-networking at massive scale. BiiSafe has integrated this unique software solution into Buddy, Card and Sens devices. With Wirepas technology no central management is needed. Since devices are synchronised time wise (TDMA), they know the exact moment, when to communicate with excellent power efficiency. 

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Quuppa Intelligent Locating System 

BiiSafe is official Quuppa technology reseller and also does close co-operation with Quuppa in device development. Quuppa idoor location system provides very high accuracy (down to sub meter). All BiiSafe HW-products: Buddy, Card, Sens and Beacon LED can be configured to run either in BLE or proprietary mode. 

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For more information and enquiries, please contact:

Artturi Ketonen

Product Manager

+358 50 590 2095