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BiiSafe Site Safety™

Wireless service for securing and locating personnel

Site Safety is

Cost efficient and simple to use.

Scalable, flexible, and easy to integrate.

Agreed procedure at distressing situations.​


Service Components

Service Components


What it does

Improves employee experience and sense of community.

Secures employees working alone.

Prevents risks.


USE cases

Improved campus safety

Keuda International, Facility Manager 

“We chose the BiiSafe Safety Solution because of the wireless flexibility, cost efficiency, scalability, and ability to perform with moving personnel in multiple locations. The employee experience is improved through proper communication and alerting tools. Our personnel feel more comfortable, protected, and secure." 


Team lead 

"We were looking for an agile safety and communication solution. We need a tool to quickly call out for help and to communicate in general. BiiSafe Site Safety was fast to install and implement, personnel finds it simple to use. It enables an instant alarm in urgent situations."

For more information and enquiries, please contact:

Artturi Ketonen

Product Manager

+358 50 590 2095