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Products & Components

Site Safety product family

and data sharing tools.


Core features

USER Portal 

  • System management and admistration.

  • Add people, create groups. 

  • Manage alerts to groups and 3rd party service suppliers. 

  • Manage pre-defined messages.

  • Locate people from the map.

  • Share pictures.

BiiSafe Link

  • A gateway for the BiiSafe hardware and portal.

  • Pinpoints precise indoor location.

  • Shares messages, alerts, and location data without a mobile device.

  • Ideal for large buildings, office areas, industry premises.

Biisafe Card 

  • Easy and instant communication.

  • Colleagues are a button press away.

  • Locate onsite personnel.

  • Integrate to locking system.

  • Create "no go" zones for visitors. 

  • Wireless technology



  • Personal device for an instant alert.

  • Immediate help from a colleague. 

  • Double click or a long press.

  • Long lasting, rechangeable battery.

  • Wireless technology

BIISAFE application

Search for


BiiSafe SAFE app at Google play


BiiSafe BUDDY app at App Store 

BiiSafe Beacon

  • Mobile positioning device for asset tracking.

  • Eliminate interruption in logistics and work processes while searching lost items.

  • Led-light for visual detection (large spaces, lost items).

  • Excellent visibility also sideways.

  • Quuppa and Wirepas compatible

  • Dust and splash proof IP65

  • Battery capacity 2600mAh

  • Wireless technology​

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