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A Great App

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Message with the push of a button

The BiiSafe Buddy app is your private messenger app. Just ask a friend to download the app and create a group. Share your location simply by double-pressing the Buddy.

Send alert with a long press

Buddy can be used as your personal alert device. Purchase our new Safety Portal licence and send automatic SMS-messages through our Cloud service whenever you need help.

Use as an item finder

Buddy is a unique item finder. Its almost 100db sound makes it easy to find. Its battery life is one of the longest on the market. 

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Find your stuff with Buddy

Technical Info

  • Connects to a mobile device via wireless technology

  • Bluetooth range up to 80-100 meters 

  • Diameter 39mm, max. height 11.5mm, weight 19g

  • Replaceable CR2450 coin battery

  • Battery life 6-12 months depending on usage

  • Splash and shock resistant

  • Buzzer

  • Accelerometer +-16g / motion sensor

  • Built-in pedometer

  • 4Mb built-in memory

  • Stainless steel metal parts

  • Over-the-air upgradeable software

  • One button with multi-press recognition

  • Led Indicator